True Kabbalah – 8th Teves, 5773

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Nimrod tried to blind Avraham

-Avraham was placed in a dungeon before he was taken out to be burnt.

-Nimrod made sure the dungeon was pitch black, after an extended period of time he took him out into bright sunlight.

-Avraham’s many merits saved him.

-Meaning Nimrod knew that blindness would limit Avraham’s ability to perform a miracle.

(Medrish Talpiyot, branch of Avraham.)



True Kabbalah – 7th Teves, 5773

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In regard to the nation of Yisroel traveling on the wings of eagles

-When Bnei Yisroel (Nation of Israel) left Egypt, they were gathered from all over Egypt to Suchot, which was a distance of 120 Mill.

-This gathering was referred to as: “I carried you on the wings of eagles.”

-What happened was very similar to Kfitzos Haderech, “jumping of the path,” where subjects warp through space to travel to a second point.

-The reason it happened is as follows:

-Egypt was at the time the world center of tumah (unclean power).

-Yisroel had reached very low spiritual levels during their stay in Egypt.

-They now had to be raised, this involves a process.

-The spiritual worlds are not bound to time and space.

-In the physical world the closer you are to holiness the less bound you become to space.

-The more one is busy with physical matter (chomer), the more he is limited by space.

-Egypt was very busy with these issues.

-By warping Yisroel above space they become less bound to the tumah of Egypt.


True Kabbalah – 6th Teves, 5773

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Regarding the blindness of Rav Shashes and Rav Yosef

-The two Amoraim, Rav Shashes and Rav Yosef were blind.

-They caused their own blindness on purpose.

-The reason they did this was because their nature was to go after their eyes.

-This does not mean they couldn’t control their eyes, but rather on their high level there was some klipah they couldn’t break because of the nature of their soul. This was connected to their eyes. This prevented them from climbing to the levels they wanted.

-The method they used was staying in a dark room for a long time then going out in the sun.


True Kabbalah – 5th Teves, 5773

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Regarding why the Avos were not made into angels like Matatron (Chanoch) and Eliahu

-The Avos were bigger then Chanoch and Eliahu, why didn’t they merit to become angels after their death?

-Know that big tzadikim (holy sages) are bigger then angels.

-Their souls come from a higher source and they reach much higher levels.

-They become channels for all the worlds energy, while angels just distribute the energy.

-The Avos reached these levels. To become angles would have actually lowered them from their current state.

(Medrish Talpyot, branch of Avos)


True Kabbalah – 1st Teves, 5773

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All 3 Avos (patriarchs) made converts

-All 3 Avos made converts, each using his own methods.

-Converts- meaning they started to serve G-d, trying to get energy from the side of holiness and not from the forces of evil.

-Most converts, eventually reverted to their old ways or died with kids not following their path. It could be that they spread out amongst the nations providing them with pieces of truth.

-The souls of these people are the souls of many converts through out the ages.


True Kabbalah – 29h Kislev, 5773

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Regarding the fact that the Avos (patriarchs) were shepherds

-Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov (Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob) were all shepherds, so were many other great leaders. (Moshe, David)

-All these people had money to hire workers.

-They chose to do so they could meditate.

-This would allow them to stay out for days at a time.

-Air in the fields was clear.

-Praying and meditating among grass and trees works better then in the city.

-All the angels appointed on the grass come and join the prayers.
(Medrish Talpiyot branch of Avos)


True Kabbalah – 28th Kislev, 5773

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Avraham was High Priest

-There are certain rectifications that could only be done by someone with the position of high priest.

-At every period in time there is one person who represents the concept of high priest and can do these rectification.

-The height of these rectifications was done, when the high priest was able to do his work in the temple.

-Adom originally had this as part of his job. Eventually it got passed down to Noach who gave it to his son Shem.

-After the war of the four kings Malki Tzedek (Shem) came to greet Avraham.

-He made a mistake of putting Avroham before G-D, the position got taken away from him.