A new book… Self-Wealth – Everything you always wanted


A new book… Self-Wealth – Everything you always wanted

Self-Growth - Keep Smiling


A new publication…


you always wanted

A collection of teachings showing us how to access the treasure house of happiness and success within ourselves. (paperback, 85 pages)

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Self-Wealth Everything you always wanted

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Self-Wealth – the genius of your mind, and

how it can help you reach your heart’s desires

From the book…

 A Garden

Our minds are a garden.


Certain thoughts, thoughts that shape our personality and character,
dig up and soften our earth, readying it for growth.


Other thoughts, new ideas, or insights into old ones, are the seeds we plant in the earth.


Still other thoughts, encouraging, inspiring thoughts, water and fertilize our seeds, helping them to develop.


And the final product, the flowers and fruits, are the thoughts that lead us to action.

...love your work. Succinct and power packed thoughts that can last a lifetime! Ivan Sacks, Dallas

What first may seem to be meaningful but too transcendental … turns out to be precisely the encouragement I need to move towards…meaning and light. Linda H., Jerusalem