Halacha Tshuvos 20th Av 5769


Halacha – Tshuvos – 20th Av, 5769


Rav Chaim Kanievsky: A Free Ride Can Cost Money

If someone is standing by a bus stop and a car pulls up and offers him a lift, at the end of the trip the driver can demand that the passenger pay for the ride. We see this from the Rema (CM 246:17) which says that if someone offers you to eat with him he can charge you money at the end of the meal and it is not assumed that he was giving you a present.

Rav Chaim explains that although in the case of the meal the host has “lost” money by feeding you, in the case of the ride he may have lost another paying passenger. Even if he never charges any other passengers, it is his prerogative to give them a free ride and not give you a freebie. (Derech Sicha – Parshas Kedoshim)

Hassid bar

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