I believe in Divine Providence applying to me personally and that everything that happens to me comes from G_d and that I have been given the opportunity to fulfill G_d’s commands makes me as happy as if I had won a fortune.

My only ambition is to give pleasure to the Creator and want to relate to my fellow-man or woman only with loving kindness.

Whilst surfing the Internet and reading the different Jewish Blogs, I usually come up with worthwhile phrases, ideas, sayings, etc., and I said to myself, if I only could share these G-d given truths.

Fortunately the people of Word Press created a blog format similar to TWITTER, which allows one to write much more, making it easier to put in black and white the different treasures I come up with daily, enabling me to be able to share them with my brethren.

Aryeh ben Avraham

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  1. Shalom

    People of all ages enjoy stories more than any other form of entertainment. They laugh, cry, smile, and sigh as they enjoy age-old lessons and tales of communities throughout the world. They can travel through time with but a whisper.

    Jewish storytellers (also known as maggidim) traveled from community to community to strengthen the heart and soul of Jewish people. The stories told of greatness, nobility, and wisdom while at the same time raising the hopes for a better tomorrow.

    One such traveling Jewish storyteller (maggid) is Rachmiel Tobesman who has shared and taught Jewish people from childhood through the golden years in many areas of the United States. He has been invited to teach educators and community leaders how to use the power of storytelling to improve the quality of services to people of all faiths. As a traditional Jewish storyteller, maggid, Rachmiel Tobesman touches the heart and souls with stories long forgotten.

    This maggid shares stories that contain wondrous, lofty, and healing messages that each person understands in their own way. the stories told by this maggid will arouse the heart and elevate spirituality so one can see the holy Sparks in every day deeds. If a person looks at the maggid and his stories with an open mind and heart, they will understand their messages and begin the process of healing on their spiritual journey.

    The plain, simple meaning of the maggid’s stories strongly motivate a person toward Hashem. All the stories consist of mysteries, wonder, beauty, honor and spirituality, aside from their secret meanings, they have a great power to uplift everyone and help them on their spiritual journey

  2. Hello.

    I am writing on behalf of Mr. Daniel Friedmann. Like you, he is a passionate student of Kabbalah – so much so, that Kabbalah is in large part an inspiration for his new book: The Genesis One Code. This ground-breaking book helps reconcile the timelines of Biblical history and the timelines of scientific history – discovering that religion and science are indeed compatible.

    I can send you the official press release, if you wish. Mr. Friedmann is available for interviews, and he can send a PDF of his book. Simply reply to this email to request a PDF copy, and an interview if desired.

    We hope we will have the chance to work together on this.

    Samantha for Daniel Friedmann

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