True Kabbalah – 7th Teves, 5773

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In regard to the nation of Yisroel traveling on the wings of eagles

-When Bnei Yisroel (Nation of Israel) left Egypt, they were gathered from all over Egypt to Suchot, which was a distance of 120 Mill.

-This gathering was referred to as: “I carried you on the wings of eagles.”

-What happened was very similar to Kfitzos Haderech, “jumping of the path,” where subjects warp through space to travel to a second point.

-The reason it happened is as follows:

-Egypt was at the time the world center of tumah (unclean power).

-Yisroel had reached very low spiritual levels during their stay in Egypt.

-They now had to be raised, this involves a process.

-The spiritual worlds are not bound to time and space.

-In the physical world the closer you are to holiness the less bound you become to space.

-The more one is busy with physical matter (chomer), the more he is limited by space.

-Egypt was very busy with these issues.

-By warping Yisroel above space they become less bound to the tumah of Egypt.


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