Joke of the day – 7th Teves, 5773

Eighty years ago, the young man goes off to college two thousand miles away. The anxious father write telegrams, urgent letters “How are you”, “What are you studying”, “Who are your friends”, etc. etc. The silence is deafening. There are no phones there! So the father in desperation starts packing; he plans to travel to the college to see for himself. The uncle walks in and asks: “Where are you going?” The father explains; the uncle says: “Silly, I’ll get you an answer by return mail.” They make a bet for a $1,000. Sure enough, 8 days later the uncle walks in and plunks two letters on the table; the letter he wrote to get all the information and the letter he received. Flabbergasted the father asked: “How did you do it?” The uncle says: “Look at the P.S.” P.S. (the uncle writes) Enclosed you will find a check for $100. P.S. (the nephew answers) Uncle, you forgot to enclose your check!


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