KEEP SMILING ~ Self-Growth, 5th Teves, 5773


The only One we need to please is the Creator. We have no need to please any person — not father, mother, not friend, not acquaintance, not child, not lover. We need not charm anyone, nor win them over. For our every charm, our every joy, comes only from giving pleasure to the Creator.

All we need is to please the Creator. How do we do this? The secret lies in one word — humility. We need to see, to think, and repeat to ourselves, that the Creator is greater than we are.

Simple? Not at all. For everything that surrounds us, every plant, every creature, every person, is a manifestation of the Creator. Every object or even concept — in one form or another — is the Creator. As such, we need to elevate every element of the world. Within our thoughts and attitudes, we must place them over ourselves. With our approach, our beliefs, we must set them above all that we are, always.

Then, in making our world higher than ourselves, we acquire the humility, the charm and the joy to please everyone around us — and we win for ourselves the friendship, support and love we so want and need.

By Rabbi Avraham Tzvi Schwartz


Excerpted from “Be Happy and Succeed“. To buy this book as an ebook for $4.95 click here.


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