KEEP SMILING ~ Self-Growth, 22nd Kislev, 5773


Once, we used to say “Pleased to meet you”, or “Nice to meet you” to new faces. Now, we say this less. Maybe we avoid such words because we feel they are dishonest. After all, how thrilled are we to meet another set of desires — another hungry stomach. Surely, this is all that another person is.

We can look at others in one of four ways: Takers, Givers, Thieves and Blessings.

Takers — those who want to take from us, and leave us the poorer.

Givers — those who give to us, thereby, enslaving us. Once we depend on them — we must bow to them.

Thieves — those who give, expecting nothing in return. They leave us with their gift, and disappear. These “millionaire uncles” look like angels. The problem is, though, they train us to trust in them, and turn us away from trusting in the Creator. In this way, they rob us.

Blessings — those who even as they take from us, enrich us. For, as we give to them, we grow the more affluent. In giving, we dig up abundant stores we never knew existed — untapped wealth. Moreover, we uncover the Creator, sending us His gift, His help, His blessing. Thus, through such people, we only grow greater.

Into which category do the people around us fit? To a large degree, this depends on us. It depends on how we look at our world.

By Rabbi Avraham Tzvi Schwartz


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