Rabbi Nachman’s Teachings, 21st Kislev, 5773

A treasury of sayings, teachings, parables and stories by the outstanding Chassidic sage, mystic and visionary, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov (1772-1810), whose message of faith, hope, courage, simplicity and joy is essential to each one of us and essential to the whole world.
Translated by Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum



Rely on God

It is very good to rely on G-d completely. As each day begins, entrust your every movement and those of all who depend on you into G-d’s hands, asking that everything should go according to His will.

You will then not need to worry about whether or not things are going as they should, because you are relying on G-d. If He wants things to go differently from the way you may wish, you will be willing to accept everything the way He wants it.

Sichot Haran #2


The Essential Rabbi Nachman

The Essential Rabbi Nachman

This elegant, easy-to-read pocket-size volume is a comprehensive treasury of the most inspirational sayings, profound teachings, parables and stories of the outstanding Chassidic sage, mystic and visionary, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov (1772-1810), whose message of faith, hope, courage, simplicity and joy is essential to each one of us and essential to the whole world.

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Azamra means “I will sing” (Psalms 146:2)
“And the way to sing the song of joy is by seeking the good in all people, especially in ourselves. Each good point is one more note in the song of life!”

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov


Teachings of the Sages – 21st Kislev, 5773

The Teachings of Rebbe Pinchas of Koretz and His Disciple, Rebbe Raphael of Bershad


R’ Pinchas said: “Great miracles can be performed for a man who truly considers himslf nothing [ayin]. For our Father Abraham, when he went to do battle with kings (Genesis 14), did not rely upon miracles. Rather, he went with sword and buckler, for he was on the level of ayin, and the Holy One performed miracles for him and took rocks [hardened soil] which He cast upon them, and so he conquered them. Therefore, it is stated of Nahum Ish Gam-zu that he took of the dust of Father Abraham (Ta’anit 21a), i.e., the quality of ayin which is symbolized by dust, for dust represents the most inferior level [of humility]. Therefore was that miracle performed for him. A man who is on the level of ayin is worthy of having the Shekhinah rest upon him. For of the Holy One we know that the whole world is full of His glory (Isaiah 6:3); therefore, when man considers himself to be ‘something,’ G-d is not within him”.

Midrash Pinhas, p. 27b, no. 38 (A), cited in The Religious Thought of Hasidism: Text and Commentary, by Norman Lamm, pp. 444-445 (B)

SOURCE: Two Tzaddiks

Daily Teachings of The Baal Shem Tov – 21st Kislev, 5773

Daily Teachings of The Baal Shem Tov:

“On Hoshana Rabbah, the disciples of the Baal Shem Tov would come to him to discuss any questions of unusual difficulty, for at that time his mind was exceptionally lucid, and he could see from one end of the earth to the other.”
(Netzer Chesed)

SOURCE: Baal Shem Tov Foundation

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KEEP SMILING ~ Self-Growth, 21st Kislev, 5773

Need This

What is our first thought when someone asks us a favor? Is it “Oh, no, I really don’t need this now”? If so, we’re in trouble. For when someone asks us a favor, it is the Creator asking us a favor — and since the Creator reads our minds, this thought is a slap in His face.

Moreover, there’s another problem…

The success of the world depends on us helping each other, boosting each other, encouraging each other. However, naturally, subconsciously, we are reluctant to help. So the Creator gives us a push. He sends us someone to ask a favor.

If we agree to do the favor, we are on our way. For through doing one good turn, and then another, we learn to become kind people — and all is well. But if we refuse, we injure ourselves. We miss the chance to be givers, to build the world and build ourselves — and we must suffer the consequences. We must sit in the prisons of those who know only to take.

Therefore, when someone asks us a favor, our response should be, Baruch Hashem, now I can do something for someone else — and something for myself.

By Rabbi Avraham Tzvi Schwartz


Excerpted from “Be Happy and Succeed“. To buy this book as an ebook for $4.95 click here.

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SOURCE: Keep Smiling – Email Subscription

Joke of the day – 21st Kislev, 5773

Mother decided that 10-year-old Cathy should get something ‘practical’ for her birthday. “Suppose we open a savings account for you?” mother suggested. Cathy was delighted. “It’s your account, darling,” mother said as they arrived at the bank, “so you fill out the application.” Cathy was doing fine until she came to the space for ‘Name of your former bank.’ After a slight hesitation, she put down ‘Piggy.’


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Limud yomi, 21st Kislev, 5773

Courtesy of: Judaica Art & Judaica Artist/Elena Flerova

  • Dafyomi Bavli: Shabbos 63

  • Dafyomi Yerushalmi: Sotah 28

  • Yerushalmi for Bavli schedule: Shabbos Halachah 4 until Daf 36b Rebbi Chiya

  • Mishnah Yomis: Sotah 8:1-2

  • Halachah Yomis(Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chayim): 160:4-6

  • Mishnah Berurah (Mifal Shonei Halachos): Vol. 1 p.133a

  • Chafetz Chayim: Hilchos Lashon ha’Ra Kelal 10 15-16

  • Rambam (1 Perek/day): Isurei Bi’ah 19

  • Tanach yomi: Shmuel Seder 22

Friday night-Saturday 7-8 December / 24 Kislev

Torah reading: Gen. 37:1-40:23. Haftara: Amos 2:63:8.

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