Teachings of the Sages – 15th Kislev, 5773

The Teachings of Rebbe Pinchas of Koretz and His Disciple, Rebbe Raphael of Bershad


R’ Pinchas said: “A man must go within G-d”.

Likutei Shoshanim, Tshernovitz, 1857, p. 14 (A), cited in New models of the sacred leader at the beginning of Hasidism, by Ron Margolin, in Saints and Role Models in Judaism and Christianity, edited by Joshua Schwartz and Marcel Poorthuis, p. 388 (B)

SOURCE: Two Tzaddiks


Daily Teachings of The Baal Shem Tov – 15th Kislev, 5773

Daily Teachings of The Baal Shem Tov:

“If a woman experiences difficulties during childbirth, G-d forbid, her husband should immerse in a mikveh.”
(Sifran Shel Tzaddikim, cited in Sefer Baal Shem Tov, Yisro, 14, note 25)

SOURCE: Baal Shem Tov Foundation

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KEEP SMILING ~ Self-Growth, 15th Kislev, 5773

Great Opportunity

The opportunity to give really is an opportunity. Therefore, not only must we train ourselves to say, “It’s a pleasure to help you” — we must also think, “It’s a pleasure to help you.”

An opportunity to help others is a massive opportunity — a gift from the heavens, the secret of our wellbeing — the blessing, goodness and pleasure that enter our lives. It’s a key, a button that opens pipelines of happiness and contentment into our world.

We need almost to be afraid to let such an opportunity pass by. Then, even if we can’t give a full gift, we will give a partial gift. Even if we can’t give a large gift, we will give a small gift. And above all, we will give what we give with a smile, a kind word and a prayer for the well-being of those who receive our gift.

By Rabbi Avraham Tzvi Schwartz


Excerpted from “Be Happy and Succeed“. To buy this book as an ebook for $4.95 click here.

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Joke of the day – 15th Kislev, 5773

A young man learning in Yeshiva is engaged to a wonderful young lady from wealthy home. The father is upset. How is this guy going to make a living? So he takes him into his office to interview him while the mother and the future bride wait nervously outside. The father says, “How do you intend to make a living?” “G-d will provide,” answers the young man. “Well, my daughter’s needs are great; she was brought up that way.” “G-d will provide,” comes the reply. “How about a house? She needs a big house.” “G-d will provide.””How about clothes? She’s used to expensive, elegant dressing.” “G-d will provide.” The father comes out of the interview and the mother and daughter anxiously inquire, “So what do you think?” “Why, he’s a very fine young man. He thinks I’m G-d!”


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Limud yomi, 15th Kislev, 5773

Courtesy of: Judaica Art & Judaica Artist/Elena Flerova

  • Dafyomi Bavli: Shabbos 57

  • Dafyomi Yerushalmi: Sotah 22

  • Yerushalmi for Bavli schedule: Shabbos Perek 6 Halachah 1 until Daf 33b Tachshitin Lamah

  • Mishnah Yomis: Sotah 6:1-2

  • Halachah Yomis(Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chayim): 159:6-8

  • Mishnah Berurah (Mifal Shonei Halachos): Vol. 1 p.130a

  • Chafetz Chayim: Hilchos Lashon ha’Ra Kelal 10 3-4

  • Rambam (1 Perek/day): Isurei Bi’ah 13

  • Tanach yomi: Shmuel Seder 17

Friday night-Saturday 30 November-1 December / 17 Kislev
Torah reading: Gen. 32.4-36.43. Haftara: Obadiah 1.1-21

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