KEEP SMILING ~ Self-Growth, 8th Kislev, 5773

Pleasant Words

Speak pleasant words. Be Polite. Be Positive. Enjoy others, even those who seemingly hurt you. Avoid cursing others, even under your breath. Enjoy your life, even when it doesn’t go your way. Avoid criticizing, complaining about your surroundings. Don’t condemn what happens to you.

Our words are powerful — the most powerful tools we have. We can use them to mock, blacken and destroy even that which good. On the other hand, we can use them to repair, heal, develop even that which is weak and poor.

When we speak in rough, tough ways, we do more than hurt others, we hurt ourselves. We hurt our self-image. We prevent ourselves from reaching the greatness that awaits us. We are the first victims of the ugly words we speak. At the same time, we are the first to benefit from the pleasant, positive words we speak.

By Rabbi Avraham Tzvi Schwartz


Excerpted from “Be a King“. To buy this book as an ebook for $4.95 click here.

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