Your First Course in Kabbalah – Episode 3

Two Paths

Lesson 3 of 5

Lecture running time: 25 min
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What is in this lesson?

  • In our original state, we are in equivalence of form with the Creator, experiencing unbounded fulfillment, eternity and perfection.
  • We are destined to return to our original state, and there are two paths leading there: (1) the path of pain, and (2) the path of light and transformation.
  • The path of pain is our unconscious development. Humanity’s entire history to date has been via the path of pain, where we are unaware of how we are being developed. On the path of pain, we experience suffering through our lack of awareness, our lack of equivalence with the force that is guiding us.
  • The path of light is the path by which we discover our own nature and the nature of the force that is guiding us. We come to understand what it is, where we came from, where we are headed, and learn from this force in order to move toward the source of pleasure and alleviate suffering.

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