Your First Course in Kabbalah – Episode 2

Perception of Reality

Lesson 2 of 5

Lecture running time: 25 min
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What is in this lesson?

  • Our five senses block us from perceiving the true, eternal reality.
  • The program that runs our five senses is called “egoism.”
  • In order to know the greater reality that surrounds us, we need to develop an additional sense, what Kabbalists call “the sixth sense.”
  • All of our thoughts and actions are motivated by the desire to receive pleasure (or, “the will to receive”).
  • We evolve individually and humanity evolves as a whole through five sets of desires: (1) food, sex, shelter; (2) wealth; (3) honor, pride, power; (4) knowledge; (5) spirituality.
  • Human nature is a will to receive (egoism) and the nature of the Creator is a will to bestow, unconditional altruism.
  • The law of equivalence of form states that we are created in order to become equivalent to the Creator, i.e. to acquire altruistic qualities.

Anthony Kosinec explains how our five senses block us from perceiving the true, eternal reality, and how we can use what Kabbalists have discovered, to break through our limitations, and achieve the complete, eternal perception of reality.

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