The Wisdom of Kabbalah – 24th Tevet, 5771

Kabbalah for the Student

Kabbalists Write about the Wisdom of Kabbalah.

    The merit of contemplating the words of the Living G-d in The Book of Zohar and all that accompany it, and the words of the wisdom of truth, is immeasurable and priceless. It is especially so with the clear words of the Ari.

    And even if one has not yet come to understand the heart of the matter through in-depth scrutiny, through constant engagement, the gates of Light and doors of wisdom will appear to all who walk on the path of G-d in wholeness, whose soul craves nearing the King’s Hall. Hence, blessed will be all who volunteer to engage in the wisdom for even an hour or two a day, every day. The Creator adds an act to a good thought, and it will be regarded as standing, always and everyday, in the Lord’s Court and His Abode, in the secrets of the Torah.

–The Rav Raiah Kook,
Who Love Israel with Holiness, 232


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In the Words of the Sages – 24th Tevet, 5771

A Selection of Aggadaic Sayings about Tzitzit


“The L-rd desires for the sake of Israel’s righteousness to make the Torah great and glorious” (Isaiah 42:21). G-d did not leave anything in His world which does not involve a mitzvah for Israel. Humans wear clothing, so G-d commanded to attach tzitzit to their garments.

— Midrash Rabbah Numbers 17:7.

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Joke of the day – 24th Tevet, 5771

Three guys are about to be executed and are asked what they wish to have for their last meal. The Italian responds, Pepperoni Pizza, which he is served and then is executed. The Frenchmen requests a Filet Mignon, which he is served and then executed. The Jew requests a plate of strawberries. “STRAWBERRIES????” asks the executioner….”But they are out of season!” “So,” he responds, “I’ll wait . . .”


Baal Shem Tov – 24th Tevet, 5771

Daily Teachings of the Baal Shem Tov



I heard from my master (the Baal Shell Tov) a simple adage that encompasses everything: If you wish to belittle any creature, belittle yourself. And if you wish to praise anyone, praise G-d all the more.

(Toldos Yaakov Yosef, Vayeishev)