Limud yomi, 1st Cheshvan, 5771 – Shabbat – Rosh Chodesh 2

Courtesy of: Judaica Art & Judaica Artist/Elena Flerova

  • Daf yomi: Avodah Zarah 56
  • Yerushalmi yomi: Terumot 54
  • Mishna yomit: Kilayim 2:7
  • Halacha yomit: Orach Chaim 551:8
  • Shabbat Parshiot: Noach
  • Yishayahu: 66:1 – 66:24
  • Knissat habbat: 4:35p
  • Tzeit Shabat: 5:51p

Free Download: Kaluach3 (ver is the latest version of Kaluach Hebrew/civil calendars, specially designed for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7.

SOURCE: Kaluach – Easy to use Hebrew/civil calendars


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