Avodah – Perek Shirah, 29th Tishrei, 5771


Perek Shira

Perek Shirah: The House Goose – The Only Living Eye Witness

The house goose sings “Hodu L’ashem Kiru Bishmo Hodi’u Ba’amim Alilosov”, thank Hashem, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people (Tehilim 105:1). Why the house goose? Why are they calling to all the nations.

Rav Sasson Chazan in his Sefer HaShira HaZos explains as follows. In Tehilim (117) it says, “Halelu Es Hashem Kol Goyim…” the goyim will praise Hashem for the kindness. The gemara in Pesachim (118b) as explained according to the meforshim, say that only the goyim who have plotted against us whose plots were constantly foiled by Hashem, know the amazing kindness that Hashem has done with us. We ourselves have no idea because these devious plans never came to fruition.

A house duck hangs around the house seeing the things that we do not. For example, a burglar may be stalking a Yid’s house in middle of the night, when suddenly the Yid wakes up to take a drink. The burglar is scared off and the only eyewitness is the house goose, taking this all in from the outside.

It is impossible for us to realize all the good Hashem does for us because much of it takes place behind our back. However the house goose is watching. Listen to it praise Hashem and follow suit, because in its song it is telling your story.

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