Today’s eMussar Lesson 28th Tishrei, 5771

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Bring Light and Joy to Your Soul


Rabbi Yehoshua said, A “bad” eye, the negative impulse, and hatred removes a person from the world.

Man stands at the gateway between the physical world and the spiritual world. The only creation composed of both a material element and a holy soul; he lives in both worlds simultaneously.

The purpose of man’s existence is to unite these two worlds. That is, to draw down holiness from the spiritual world into this world. We have the opportunity to sanctify this earthly realm, so that it becomes one with the holy world.

Since we are at the juncture we have the unique capability to access holiness. Yet, how do we bring down the sanctity from the higher worlds to the lower world?

When we perform Mitzvoth, we draw holiness, delight, and splendor upon our souls. The more Mitzvoth we perform, the more we elevate our lives. Ultimately, we reach a level of holiness in this world that is relatively equivalent to the holiness of Gan Eden!

However, if a person pursues negative thoughts and deeds, the holy light of Gan Eden does not shine on his soul. Therefore, he does not experience the sanctity of Gan Eden in this physical world.

May we pursue abundant Mitzvoth so that we fill our souls with holiness, light, beauty, and peace.
[Based on the commentary of Rav Nachman to Pirkei Avos]

TODAY: When you do a Mitzvah – heighten your awareness that you are drawing light and holiness upon your soul.

By Rabbi Zvi Miller.

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