Avodah – Perek Shirah, 27th Tishrei, 5771


Perek Shira

Perek Shirah: The Day The Sun Will Stand Still

In times long gone by, people would worship the sun. This may seem ludicrous to us but it is more a reflection on our lack of understanding than of their lack of intelligence. The Rambam says that the heavenly bodies all recognize their creator and are not inanimate objects. They possess a soul and spirit and have great powers. We as Yehudim know however that these powers all come from Hashem and they cannot do anything against the will of their Creator. Rabbeinu Bachye says that one should not be proud that he doesn’t worship the sun until he comprehends the full capability of the sun. Only then, if you manage to understand that this powerful sun is only a servant of Hashem, may you boast that you are a believer in the true Hashem.

We are put on this world to be able to see beyond the mask of this world. Whether in the olden days when it was the sun, or now the technology and current events, we must see beyond the thin veil trying to conceal our Creator and true Master of our fate, whether it regards health, wealth, or happiness. It all comes from the One above. Not from a smiling or angry sun, not from a bullish or bearish market, and not from wonderful or disappointing people around us. If you can see beyond all that, then no doubt that Rabbeinu Bachye will testify that you are a true Eved Hashem.

The day will come when Hashem removes his mask and reveals himself as the King of all Kings, in his true glory. All the pretenders who were given free reign to fool us for so long will stand there totally powerless as the King ascends to His throne in plain sight of the entire universe and all of creation.

At Birchas HaChama we peer through the cloudiness of our minds and see the mighty sun for what it is. We celebrate the creation of the Hashem’s servant the sun, as it returns to the place where it was originally hung by Hashem 5769 years ago for the purpose of concealing the great light of Hashem.

The sun itself yearns for the day the that its second hand light will stop being a source of error by humanity and a tremendous Chillul Hashem. Every day the sun sings, “Shemesh Yarei’ach Amad Zevula L’Or Chitzecha Yihaleichu”, the sun and moon stand still in their habitation at the light of Your arrows as they go, at the shining of Your glittering spear (Chavakuk 3:11). The sun longs for the day when its light will be dimmed and the world will bask in the glow of the light of Hashem!

I am the sun, the mighty king of the sky
The most powerful man, can’t look me straight in the eye
People think I am the source of all light but I wonder why
I am simply a humble servant of my master on high

To conceal His brilliant light, Hashem made me His mask
To see through this ruse, is your life’s ultimate task
I yearn for the day when people will not question or ask
Together in Hashem’s light, you and I will both bask

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