Avodah – Perek Shirah, 26th Tishrei, 5771


Perek Shira

Perek Shirah: The Mule – If I Were Hashem I Would…

A wise man once proposed marriage to a beautiful woman telling her “with your good looks and my brains we will have the most incredible kids.” Her blunt response was “what happens if the kids have your looks and my brains?” Hashem made the world with an enormous array of creatures. Every creature he created no matter how destructive has benefits that outweigh the damage.

Man in his narrow view of things sees a donkey and horse and says “wow if we can get the benefit of the strengths of both these animals we can create the perfect animal”. The results speak for themselves. The mule cannot produce any offspring and is considered to be a most destructive animal. The gemara says (Chulin 7b) nobody kicked by a mule will survive. The lesson of the mule is that it is better to let Hashem run the world although we may have some very seemingly good ideas.

The Mule Sings “Yoducha Hashem Kul Malchei Aretz Ki Shamru Imrei Picha”. After seeing man’s handiwork compared to Hashem’s all the kings of the world will admit that it is worthwhile to let Hashem be the big boss!

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