Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh’s Tweets, 22nd Tishrei, 5771

Today’s random Tweets, from Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh

  • My soul is G-d’s light. My body – His will. My clothing – His deeds. My home – His pleasure.
  • When you take off your hat make sure a head covering remains, to remind you that G-d is above you.
  • Did you ever try not to think? If you succeed you will see great light, which will keep you going for the next million thoughts.
  • Why do stories begin “once upon a time”? A true story emanates from one, a state above time.
  • The Torah is a storybook – your story, from the moment that you were conceived in the mind of G-d.
  • Stories are for children. All children stories have a happy ending. G-d is our storyteller.
  • To feel oneself a child or servant of G-d comes from the revealed dimension of the Torah.

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