Joke of the day, 22nd Tishrei, 5771

Mrs. Bar-Lev picks up the phone. “Hello?” “Mama, Mama, I’m in a terrible state.” “Darling, darling, what is it?” “Oh Mama, we’re all snowed in, the car won’t start, the children have the measles, I’ve got a cold, the house is a mess, I’ve got no milk and, worst of all, I’ve got 20 women from the club coming over for dinner. Oh Mama, Mama, what am I going to do? Don’t worry, sweetheart. Mama will sort it all out. I’ll get the train and 2 buses and will walk the 2 miles from the bus stop to your house. On the way I’ll buy some milk and food for tonight. I’ll put the children to bed, clean up the house and make a nice meal for your friends. Don’t worry — everything will be all right .” “Oh, Mama, thank you, thank you. But what about Dad? What will he do?” “Dad? What dad? Your father’s been dead for 2 years.” “Is this 993-0997?” “No this is 933-0997!” “Oh no! Does that mean you’re not coming?”



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