Todays eMussar Lesson 14th Tishrei, 5771

Todays eMussar Lesson

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A Song of Trust and Faith


“Love HaShem, all his devoted ones; HaShem protects the faithful. Strengthen your faith and He will encourage you, all who trust in HaShem.”

When HaShem miraculously saved King David from the clutches of his enemy, he sang a song of thanks to HaShem. He concluded his praise with a call to the devoted servants of HaShem, “Love HaShem, all his devoted ones.” What is the relevancy of instructing others to love HaShem at the time of expressing gratitude to HaShem for his own deliverance?

King David’s profound gratitude and excitement at the time of redemption inspired him to increase the love of HaShem in the world, saying to the devoted servants of HaShem, Now that you have seen how HaShem has saved me; you will be inspired to love HaShem. Why? Because through my miraculous salvation, HaShem has revealed to all mankind that he protects the faithful – saving them from the hands of their arrogant adversaries.

No matter how dire the situation, those who trust in HaShem always can find inner peace and hope. They can rest at night, with full confidence knowing that come morning, HaShem will release them from their troubles. Even more, if they will make a small effort to strengthen their faith in HaShem, then, HaShem, Himself, will send them encouragement, confidence, and moral support, i.e., Strengthen your faith and He will encourage you, all who trust in HaShem.

Absolute faith – and the tranquility that it instills deep in the spirit- is the ultimate healing of the soul. King David illuminates the path to faith by proclaiming the great wonders that HaShem performed for him. When the “devoted ones” learn of HaShem’s kindness to David their faith in HaShem will be revitalized and the love of HaShem will fill their heart. May the awareness of the miracles that HaShem has performed for us awaken the love of HaShem within our hearts.
[Based on the commentary of the Radak to Tehillim]

TODAY: Reflect on the wonders that HaShem has performed for King David and feel completely confident in HaShem’s protection.

By Rabbi Zvi Miller.

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