Keep Smiling, 29th Elul, 5770

To those who read “Keep Smiling” before, I hope you will enjoy reading them once again…
Rabbi Avraham Tzvi Schwartz

       The King’s Architect

An important king asked an architect to design him a magnificent city. The architect threw himself heart and soul into the project; days and nights, he worked as best he knew how.

“One minute,” a friend said to him, “if you put all your energies in working for the king, what will happen to you then? When will you design the house you want for yourself.”

“Are you joking?” the architect answered, “With the thousands of houses I’m designing for the king, don’t you think there will be one the king will give me for myself?

Similarly, we do not lose by bringing the Creator’s kingship and glory into our world. Let us pray this Rosh HaShana for ourselves, and also for the Greater Plan — the ultimate benefit of the world. With this, may we all merit a marvelous, successful and very happy new year.

Have a growth-filled, uplifting day!

by Rabi Avraham Tzvi Schwartz

Hassid bar

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