Limud yomi

Or le Yom Bet, 22nd Adar, 5770

Courtesy of

  • Daf yomi: Sanhedrin 24
  • Yerushalmi yomi: Berachot 55
  • Mishna yomit: Nidah 1:6
  • Halacha yomit: Orach Chaim 438:2
  • Tanach yomi: Yirmiyahu Seder 4
  • Shabbat Parshiot: Vayakhel – Pekudei

Friday night-Saturday 12-13 March / 27 Adar:*

  • Shabbat Mevarchin NISSAN
  • Shabbat Parshat HACHODESH
  • Torah reading: The double parshah of VAYAKHELPEKUDEY, Exodus 35:1-40:38
  • Special additional reading for Shabbat HACHODESH: Exodus 12:1-20
  • Special Haftara from Ezekiel 45:17-46:18

This Shabbat after the Torah reading we bless the coming month of Nissan, month of Redemption. The Molad (junction of the moon and the sun) will be on Monday March 15 at 3:11 p.m. and 13 chalakim. Rosh Chodesh Nissan will be on Monday night-Tuesday March 16. May it come to us and to all Israel for good!

* Courtesy of: Azamra Institute – Jerusalem, Israel

From: Kaluach – Hebrew/civil calendars

Free Download: Kaluach3 is the latest version of Kaluach Hebrew/civil calendars, specially designed for 2000/XP/Vista.

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