Joke of the day

Or le Yom Bet, 22nd Adar, 5770

Breslev Israel

An IBM sales executive approaches the Pope and requests him to change the daily prayer to include IBM computers. In short, the request for “daily bread” would be dropped and replaced with a request for “daily computers”. In return, IBM would be willing to give the Pope $1 million. The Pope is not exactly overjoyed with this request; however, the IBM sales executive is insistent and antes up his offer to $10 million. The Pope is still not convinced, whereupon the IBM representative offers $50 million which sum the Pope accepts. The following day, there is a meeting of the Cardinals and the Pope speaks. “I have good news for you and I have bad news for you. The good news is that we are richer by $50 million, thanks to IBM. The bad news is that we just lost the Wonderbread account.”


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