Joke of the day

Or le Yom Vav, 19th Adar, 5770

Breslev Israel

While digging in the Sinai desert the Egyptian government by chance happened to find a mummy. They are quite interested in the mummy’s age and they send samples to the British Museum for age determination. The reply came back that the mummy was approximately 3,000-3,500 years old. The Egyptians are very upset and they say that this is not good enough; they want more precise data. They send a sample to the American Academy of Science and they receive the reply that the mummy is approximately 3,000-3,200 years old. Again, the Egyptians are somewhat upset. They say this is not good enough. They want more precise data. They send a sample to the Russian Academy of Science and the reply comes back that the mummy is exactly 3,122 years 6 months 2 days 2 hours old. The Egyptians are surprised and they wire back to the Academy: “How was it possible for you to give such an accurate answer?” The fax message came back: “We made the mummy confess his age.”


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