Joke of the day 14th Kislev 5770

Breslev Israel

A Jew is making a livelihood out of being the court astrologer. The King’s wife gets sick. The astrologer is called in. He happens to know a bit of medicine and knows she is going to die so he takes the opportunity to bolster his credibility. He says he sees in the stars that she will die in 3 days. Sure enough she dies. The King is very angry so he blames the astrologer. He calls him in and say’s: “Look in the stars and tell me when you are going to die.” The astrologer understands the King is going to kill him so he looks at the Horoscope long and intense and he answers: “Sire, I can’t tell exactly when, but I can see in the stars that the King will die 3 days after me”


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