Chag Sukkot Sameach and a wonderful Shabbat 15th Tishrei 5770


The Holy One, blessed be He,
said to Moses,
“I have a precious gift
in My treasure house,
called the Sabbath,
and desire to give it to Israel;
go and inform them.”
(Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Shabbath, 10b)
Shabbat Candles
“Chag Sukkot Sameach, and a wonderful Shabbat!”

On this day Limud yomi for Shabbos 15th Tishrei 5770


On this day – Limud yomi for Shabbos 15th Tishrei, 5770


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Limud yomi

Daf yomi: Bava Batra 43
Yerushalmi yomi: Sanhedrin 25
Mishna yomit: Negaim 10:7
Halacha yomit: Orach Chaim 338:8
Shabbat parshiot: Sukkot

From: Kaluach – Hebrew/civil calendars

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Todays Special for SUCCOS eMussar Lesson 14th Tishrei 5770


Special for SUCCOS eMussar Lesson 14th Tishrei, 5770 –
The Joy and Elevation of Succos

Todays eMussar Lesson

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The Succah and the Lulav are related to the Clouds of Glory. Besides the shelter that the Clouds of Glory provided for Klal Yisrael, they also imparted an important spiritual benefit.

The clouds transmitted a Heavenly illumination upon Klal Yisrael and differentiated them from all other peoples. This light uplifted Klal Yisrael above the mundane affairs of this world. Israel thus became the highest of all the nations.

During those years when the Clouds of Glory surrounded Klal Yisrael, they ascended to the high level that HaShem intended for them. This Illumination is transmitted to every Jew for all generations. Even more, this is the Light of Holiness that emanates from HaShem and surrounds every righteous person in Yisrael, distinguishing him from all other people and supremely elevating him.

The illumination of the Clouds of Glory is renewed upon Yisrael every Succos through the Succah itself! Hence, the Succah is a spiritual oasis for Klal Yisrael that nurtures our souls with its exquisite light and holy emanations. The elevated dimension of the Succah transports us to an elevated dimension. When we dwell with the Succah, we are basking in the Shechinah and soaking in the purity of the Clouds of Glory.

As you leave your homes and enter the sanctified domain of your Succah, may the Illumination of the Clouds of Glory shine upon you, as well as, all of Klal Yisrael—with blessings of Holiness, Wisdom, Joy, and Peace.
[Based on Derech HaShem of the Ramchal of blessed memory]

TODAY: When you sit in the Succah, enjoy the light of the Clouds of Glory illuminating your soul – and feel the closeness, goodness, and purity of HaShem.

By Rabbi Zvi Miller.

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