Todays eMussar Lesson 13th Tishrei 5770


eMussar Lesson for 13th Tishrei, 5770 –
Bring Joy to Others

Todays eMussar Lesson

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“Hillel said, Be from the students of Aaron – Love peace and seek peace; love people and draw them close to study Torah.”

The following story from the Talmud illustrates the incomparable blessings that a person receives for fulfilling the Mitzvot of “loving peace and loving people.”

Once, Rabbi Beroka was in the market square when Elijah the Prophet entered the area. The Rabbi asked Elijah, “Which people in the market are worthy for a share in the World to Come (Gan Eden).” Elijah answered, “Nobody here is destined for a share in the World to Come.”

After a few minutes a few more people came into the market and Elijah told the Rabbi that these people who have just entered the market have earned a share in the World to Come.

The Rabbi approached the men and asked them what they do? They said, “We make people happy! Whenever we see a person who is sad, we cheer him up!”
Relieving people from their troubles is one of the biggest and most important Mitzvot. It is a fulfillment of the great Torah principle, “Love your friend like you like yourself.” Even more, it gives pleasure to HaShem!

Imagine a father has a son abroad, who is experiencing great troubles and worry. The father hopes that someone will comfort the son and assure him that his difficulties will soon be over. HaShem is our Heavenly Father, if one of His children is worried, He takes great delight when we comfort him and bring a smile to his lips.
[Based on the commentary of the Chafetz Chaim to Pirkie Avos]

TODAY: Reach out to a person who has trouble and comfort them — and bring a smile to their lips.

By Rabbi Zvi Miller.

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