Todays eMussar Lesson 5th Tishrei 5770


Today 5th Tishrei, 5770 – eMussar Lesson –
The Blessing of a Good Name

Todays eMussar Lesson

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“One, who acquires a good name, acquires himself.”

Once, a swarm of locusts descended upon a certain region and started to destroy the vegetation. The Arizal (a great Kabbalist who lived in Zefat) summoned his students and told them, “I will reveal the reason why this trouble has come upon us. There is a Torah scholar in our midst who does many favors for his neighbors. His name is Rabbi Moses. Notwithstanding, he is very poor and distressed. However, none of his neighbors have responded to his plight. We must quickly send him financial assistance. Perhaps this will awaken mercy in Heaven.”

The students collected a nice sum of money and dispatched a messenger to deliver the funds. When he arrived at the house, he found that Rabbi Moses was crying. “Why are you crying,” he asked.

“My earthenware pitcher that I use to bring water to my neighbors fell and broke. Now, I can no longer help my neighbors. Besides that, I am so poor that I cannot feed my children.”

The messenger gave the money to Rabbi Moses. He thanked the man profusely; and his heart filled with happiness and gratitude. Not long after, a wind came and blew the locusts away from the area.

Rabbi Moses was a living example of the axiom, “One who acquires a good name, acquires himself.” Meaning, when a person cares about and dedicates himself to help his community, he acquires a “good name.” As a result of his good name, he will “acquire himself.” That is, the merit of his kindly ways guarantees that he will receive Divine assistance for survival and success.

May we extend ourselves to be kind and helpful to others. In turn, we will acquire a good name and then we will be assured of a blessed life.

TODAY: Perform an act of kindness for a family member, neighbor, or friend.

By Rabbi Zvi Miller.

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