Teachings of the Sages 13th Elul 5769


Teachings of the Sages – 13th Elul, 5769

Two Tzadiks


“The Talmud tells us that Torah study in the days of Rav Yehudah was nowhere near as extensive or penetrating as that of later generations; his students devoted all their time to one tractate—Nezikin, the laws of damages. Yet, in a period of drought, Rav Yehudah only had to remove a single shoe to signal the onset of a fast, and the rain would come pouring down. Later generations mastered the entire Talmud with the greatest subtlety, yet they could not produce such salvation. The holy Rav Pinchas of Koritz commented: ‘The Talmud says that their studies were entirely over how to avoid damages. That is: how not to damage the mouth with loshon harah, how not to damage the eyes with forbidden glances, how not to damage the body with non-kosher foods. This gave them such spiritual merit that even the slightest prayer, as in the case of Rav Yehudah, immediately brought about rain’”.*

*Ms. Jerusalem 3759, fol. 127b (A), cited in Hasidism as Mysticism: Quietistic Elements in Eighteenth Century Hasidic Thought, by Rivka Schatz Uffenheimer, pp. 195-196. Reprinted with permission of Magnes Press (B)

By Rebbe Pinchas of Koretz

Source: Two Tzaddiks

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