Gilad Shalit, a Prayer, a Thought, a Hashtag

Gilad Shalit

Dear Brethren:

It’s going to be 1158 days since Gilad Shalit has been kidnapped! Despite relentless efforts from his family, friends and support from politicians and friends around the world he still remains in captivity.

We have not forgotten Gilad, We will not forget him and we will not stop praying for his freedom.

Please send this post to your communities, to your friends and post it on facebook.

Gilad Shalit was born in Nahariya, raised in Mitzpe Hilla, in the Western Galilee. He is the son of Aviva and Noam Shalit and brother of Yoel and Hadas.

Gilad began his military service at the end of July 2005. He preferred to serve in a combat unit despite the fact that he could have avoided combat duty due to a low medical profile. Gilad was highly motivated. He overcame all the obstacles facing a combat recruit of the armored forces and successfully ended his training a few months later. For the last couple of months he had been on duty guarding and ensuring the security of the settlements around Gaza.

Gilad is a well-mannered, quiet and introverted young man. An almost permanent shy and hesitant smile light up his face. Gilad is always volunteering to help everyone; even on his short vacations from the army he helped his parents run their “Bed & Breakfast”.

Since the attack at Kerem Shalom on Sunday, 06/25/2006, Gilad has been held in the Gaza Strip by Hamas.

Today Jewish bloggers will join together as a world wide community to show our solidarity for Gilad forming a unbreakable light that will remind the world that we have not forgotten our soldier, our son Gilad.

Those on Twoozer, Twitter, Identica, etc, should tweet the good deed or mitzvah they are doing in Shalit’s honor, along with the hashtag #GiladShalit. Interested readers who do not have Twitter can register on & for free.

May the Holy One, Blessed be He, show Gilad mercy, increase his strength, remove his pain and send him a recovery of body and recovery of spirit, may Hashem return Gilad Shalit to the bosom of his family, swiftly and soon.

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