SelfGrowth Keep Smiling 22nd Av 5769


Self-Growth – Keep Smiling – 22nd Av, 5769

Self-Growth - Keep Smiling

When we start seeing

We reach an important landmark in our personal growth and development when we start seeing the wellbeing of others as our wellbeing, the success of others as our success.*

* Based on VaYikra 19.18

Have a growth-filled, uplifting day

By: Rabbi Avraham Tzvi Schwartz of “Self-Growth

Hassid bar

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Windows of the Soul


Windows of the Soul book cover

Windows of the Soul

info iThis sefer is a practical hands on guide to improve in Shmiras HaEinayim, protectiong our eyes.  As we know, the eyes are the window to our souls. What goes into our vision can affect the very core of who we are!

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