Halacha Tshuvos 17th Av 5769


Halacha – Tshuvos – 17th Av, 5769


Rebbi Akiva Eiger – A Bracha On Your Mezuza When You Come Back From Vacation?

The mitzva of Mezuza is a Chovas HaDor, an obligation upon the person dwelling in the home. If so, says Rebbi Akiva Eiger (Tshuva 9), it seems obvious that if you move into a house with a Mezuza already in place you should make a bracha since you now have a new mitzva to place a mezuza on your new dwelling.

Furthermore says Rebbi Akiva Eiger, if you leave your house for a few days or even to go to work, during that time you are not fulfilling the mitzva, therefore theoretically you should need to make a bracha when you come back home again. He compares this to a Succah where when you leave and then return you make a new bracha of Leisheiv BaSuccah. SImilarly he compares to it taking off your talis that requires a bracha if you put it on again later.

After writing the tshuva, Rebbi Akiva Eiger saw the Birkei Yosef from the Chida who says that if a person rents a house that already has a mezuza, he doesn’t make a bracha. The reason he says is because Chazal only made the bracha for a person affixing it to the door. According to this says Rebbi Akiva Eiger even in the case where he left his home and returned he would not make a bracha.

Regarding the Halacha L’Maaseh, Rebbi Akiva Eiger remains B’Tzarich Iyun.

Important Note: We try to convey the Tshuva to the best of our ability. We admit that our understanding may not be accurate. One should learn the tshuva to verify the accuracy of our interpretation. Please also understand that this Tshuva may not be the final word on this topic. One should consult a Rav before drawing any conclusions.

Hassid bar

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