Todays eMussar Lesson 10th Av 5769


Todays eMussar Lesson

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Today 10th Av, 5769 – eMussar Lesson –
Believe in HaShem’s Forgiveness


The following parable shows us how to conquer the challenge of despair:

“Your life is hanging by a thread and you need immediate emergency surgery!” warns Dr. Field. “This is a risky procedure and I will not operate until you pay the entire sum in cash.” The patient stubbornly replies, “I am not willing to pay!” As a means to deal with the tension, a friend of the patient pulls the doctor aside and says, “You are scaring the patient and therefore you will not be able to save him. He thinks you are demanding the payment because you don’t expect him to survive the operation. Therefore, you have caused him to “give up” and you will not be able to save him!”

Whenever a person makes a mistake or commits a sin, he should remind himself of the verse, “There is no righteous person on earth who does good and does not sin.” If a person despairs of being forgiven every time he commits a misdeed, he will never be able to improve his conduct. If he resigns himself to eternal damnation, he will never be able to appreciate the great compassion and forgiveness that HaShem extends to all people who engage in the process of repentance!

Indeed, if a person does not despair after committing a misdeed, he has already succeeded in WINNING THE BATTLE! Now that he has kept an optimistic attitude – both about HaShem as well as his ability to improve – he can try again. Eventually, he will get there!

The first line of defense in our faith is to NEVER GIVE UP. Our trust must be consistent with HaShem’s infinite mercy, compassion, and kindness!
[Based on Mishlei Mussar of the Magid M’Dubno]

TODAY: Apply the same response to every situation – “I TRUST IN HASHEM TO DELIVER ME.”

By Rabbi Zvi Miller.

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Hassid bar

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