Daily Writings on Kabbalah and Torah 6th Av 5769


Daily Writings on Kabbalah and Torah – 6th Av, 5769

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Everyone has different abilities depending on the tribe they represent. Let us all unify and work together in the battle against the Sitra Acher.


Introduction to Kabbalah – Part 2

There are three parts to Kabbalah; Theoretical Kabbalah, Meditational Kabbalah and Practical Kabbalah (Kabbalah Masit)

Meditational Kabbalah
–  When one meditates he can separate his soul from his body and transcend to the upper universes.
–  Theoretical Kabbalah serves as a map telling one how to prepare and where to go.
–  Although many religions practice meditation, they never leave the realm of the klipah since they have defiled themselves.
–  When one keeps the rules of halacha and practices the ways of Kabbalah, he purifies himself. If he then meditates, he can climb to the highest spiritual levels.
–  Meditation involves controlling ones thought process, blocking out the five senses and entering Mochin Dgadlus (expanded consciousness).
–  Unless one meditates he is only using three to five percent of his brain.
–  Part of the brain receives signals of spirituality. These signals are very sublime and are blocked out by the other five senses.
–  When one clears his head of all thought he can feel spirituality. If one keeps on working on this he can transcend to the upper worlds.
–  Meditation was the mainframe of Judiasim and was practiced by all Jews.
–  The highest level of meditation is prophecy.
–  There were over a million prophets. They attended schools called Beni Haniviem where they learned meditative techniques.
–  Maseh Merkavah consists of meditative techniques used to transcend to the spiritual worlds.
–  One of the main draws of Avodah Zarah (Idol Worship) was the meditative experience, if they could not get it from the side of holiness they would go to the other side.
–  Experiences during meditation are extremely enjoyable, they lead to extreme ecstasy . People would even go to the Sitra Achra to receive such an experience.
–  Drugs provide a very low copy of the meditative experience, yet they are constantly used by people, despite the destruction they cause.
–  Meditative experiences are so enjoyable that a person might not want to come back down, it is from this that people go insane.
–  If a person has a wife and children he is motivated to come back down. This is the reason why many advanced schools of meditation would not accept a person unless he was married and in full control of his desires.
–  Even after prophecy ended, meditation was still an important aspect of Judaism.
–  Hacholot Rabbati describes how R’Nechunya ben Haknah, R’Yishmoel and many other Tanoyim used the meditative methods of Maseh Merkavah to reach the high levels of Alom Yitzirah.

–  All Rishonim and many Achronim practiced meditation.
–  Since these topics involved the highest mysteries of the Torah, they were never written down. The few manuscripts that existed were never published.
–  If one knows the mysteries of Kabbalah he can see many hints and references in the Mishnah and the works of the Rishonim.
–  The main down play of meditation happened during the time of Shabti Tzvi.
–  Shabti Tzvi had many powers which he received from Meditative and Practical kabbalah.
–  R’ Yisroel Bal Shem and the Nistorim tried to bring these issues back out to the public.

–  The first generations of Chasidim were very busy with meditation and wrote extensively on this topic.
–  With the rise of the Enlightenment Movement in Europe meditation lost all its status.
–  Experiences that occur in a state of expanded consciousness are logically impossible to describe to someone who was never there.
–  Even the Chasidim and many Kabbalists lost their focus and started ignoring meditation.
–  It is known that prophecy must return before the coming of Moshiach. The only way to reach prophecy is through meditation.
–  In addition it is very hard to reach any high levels unless one practices meditation.
–  Every one must do R’ Nachman’s meditation, Hisbodedute – spontanous prayer.

Source: TrueKabbalah.org

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