Daily Reminder 1st Av 5769


Daily Reminder – 1st Av, 5769


Zechiras Miriam

Stop Loshon Hora
Stop Loshon Hora

Parshas Devarim: Vilna Gaon – This Is Everybody’s Problem

Parshas Devarim begins “Eileh HaDvarim Asher Diber Moshe El Kol Yisroel”. Moshe is giving Mussar to Klal Yisroel before his final day. The Vilna Gaon says the word Eileh spelled Aleph, Lamed, Hey, is an acronym for “Avak Lashon Hara”.

The Gemara Bava Basra (165a) says that many people fall into Gezel, some into Arayos, and everyone is guilty of Avak Lashon Hara. Moshe gave Mussar for “Eileh”, Avak Lashon Hara. To who? “El Kol Yisroel” to every single Jew since we all are Nichshol. (HaMaor HaGadol b’shem Tiferes Yosef)

“Zachor Eis Asher Asa Hashem L’Miriam BaDerech B’Tzaischem MiMitzrayim”

The Ramban and other Rishonim count, among the Mitzvos Aseh Min HaTorah, the mitzva of remembering and saying with your mouth each day what Hashem did to Miriam when she spoke about her brother Moshe. The Chofetz Chaim in Shaar Tvunah Perek 12 says that being Mikayem this mitzva can save you from the aveira of Lashon Hara. More than just saying the pasuk, says the Chofetz Chaim, one must think about the incident in order for it to have its intended effect.

Hassid bar

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The Daily Shmiras Ainayim Chizuk 1st Av 5769


The Daily Shmiras Ainayim Chizuk – 1st Av, 5769



A website for Jews struggling to maintain their moral purity in today’s world

Why is Sexual purity so important in Judaism? Our sages called Shmiras Habris “Yesod”, meaning “Foundation”. The foundation of a building is “underground” and no one sees it, yet it holds up the entire building! Shmiras Habris is the hidden part of a Jew, it’s the real you. If the foundation of a Jew is weak, his whole spiritual structure is fragile and in grave danger of collapse. At guardureyes.com we are finally joining together, for ourselves and for all future generations, to strengthen the foundations of our people!

There is a lot of material out there on the subject of guarding the eyes and the Bris, but sometimes “too much” is overwhelming.
A little bit each day is just right, to be able to read, digest and apply it to our lives.

The booklet “Windows to the Soul” by R’ Zvi Miller of the Salant foundation, is a MAN’S PRACTICAL GUIDE TO MASTERING HIS EYES. (Right click the link and choose “Save Target/Link As” to save the PDF booklet to your computer). To subscribe to eMussar, the daily lessons of the Salant Foundation, send email to salant@netvision.net.il

The Zohar compares this world to a churning ocean and the body of a man to a ship in the sea. Therefore, man requires knowledge in order to guide himself on a straight course, avoiding mishap and losing his way. The ocean of life roars fearfully and continuously. The winds of challenge blow and the negative impulse rips about like a tornado with unimaginable force. All of life comprises great and endless tests, which can easily capsize the ship and sink it into the murky, nethermost depths.

Yirat Shamayim and the study of Mussar will prevent the body from sinking into the miry depths of desire and corrupt character traits.
(Rabbi Yitzchak Blazer, Ohr Yisrael)

Today’s Shmiras Ainayim Chizuk


Training The Eye

“Man has the ability to gain mastery over his nature. Indeed, through Mussar study and force of habit a person can transform himself. In reference to this, our Sages teach (Avot 4:1): “Who is strong? He who subdues his passions, as it is said: “A master of his passions is greater than the conqueror of a city’ (Mishlei 16:32).” (Ohr Yisrael, Igeres HaMussar)

“How can I retrain myself from my normal way of keeping my eyes at eye-level?”

Since keeping our eyes lowered is not the norm, we need to accustom ourselves to our new eye position. The best way to change an old habit is to consciously practice a new behavior. Over time, the new pattern of behavior will become second nature.

Here is an exercise that is designed to help you readjust the level of your gaze. Just as an army practices their battle plans before going into the heat of the battle, we recommend practicing these exercises when you have a few spare moments.

Exercise: “Walking With Humility”

1)  Choose a quiet area in your home or yard and designate a twenty foot length as a practice path.

2)  Lower your gaze so that it takes in about five to ten feet of the path.

3)  Begin walking and keep your eyes focused on the five feet length, moving your eyes a little further down the path as you walk.

4)  Proceed this way until you reach the end of path.

5)  Turn around and repeat the exercise, returning to the starting point.

6)  Do this exercise, every day for one week (walking the path back and forth at least one time each time).

Hassid bar

Two Free e-Books, courtesy of GuardUrEyes that will change your life!
Right click on the links below and choose “Save Link/Target As” to download them to your computer. (Print them out to read at your leisure!)

The Guard Your Eyes Handbook.

The Guard Your Eyes Attitude.

The GuardUrEyes E-mail Chizuk Lists

The Yetzer Hara thinks of new ways to win us over every day. What better way to combat him than to have some chizuk and a new insight every day!

List 1.The GuardUrEyes Chizuk List – Breaking Free.
Receive each day antidotes, tips, articles or quotes from the holy texts, therapists and fellow strugglers, to help you break free of sexual addictions, pornography and/or masturbation.

List 2.General Chizuk in Shmiras Ainayim
This list will focus less on the “addiction” aspect and more on general Chizuk in Shmiras Ainayim that anyone can use, addicted or not. This list is less intense and explicit than the first, and is appropriate for everyone.

Please note: We strongly advise anyone who struggles with masturbation or pornography, even if infrequently, to join the first list as well.

Click here to join one (OR BOTH) of the Chizuk lists described below.

The tools on GuardUrEyes network include:

       Two Daily Chizuk List options (hundreds of members!)

       Hundreds of tips; divided into categories; tips from therapists, tips from other sites and from fellow strugglers.

       An active and thriving forum – a powerful feature of group support

       The “Jewish Healing Group“, an anonymous 12-Step group that meets on the phone once a week

       A live hotline, for people to get advice and started on their journey to recovery

       Sign up for a Partner / Sponsor. Download the Questionnaire

       Many stories of recovery, struggles and suffering

       An elaborate FAQ page

       Over 20 filter options, and everything a person could want to know about filters

       Important links

       A section on the 12 steps

       A "Kosher Isle" to help people find entertaining and more productive things to do with their time

       Download here a powerful PDF file, translated from a Hebrew book called "The First Day of the Rest of My Life", to help people break free of sexual addictions

       A Rehab Option in Florida

       Many Therapy Options

       An inspiring Music Page, to chase away the impurity and inspire thoughts of Teshuvah

       A "Wall of Honor" page, to keep track of your sobriety and get group support

How Can You Help?

Source: GuardUrEyes

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Daily Writings on Kabbalah and Torah 1st Av 5769


Daily Writings on Kabbalah and Torah – 1st Av, 5769

True Kabbalah org

Everyone has different abilities depending on the tribe they represent. Let us all unify and work together in the battle against the Sitra Acher.


Tikun Hbris (Rectifying the sin of spilling seed) – Part 1

#  Know that there are two sides.
#  The side of good, and the side of evil (Sitra Achrah).
#  G-d created evil to provide man with free will.
#  The Sitra Achrah is like a shell (klipah) it has no energy of its own.
#  All the klipas must receive their substance from the side of holiness (kedusha).

#  In the days of idol worship (avodah zarah) people would consciously channel energy to the forces of evil through meditating and other practices.
#  Human fluids especially, provide substance to demonic forces.
#  It is for this reason that many satanic rituals require semen or blood.

#  All pain and suffering that exists in the world comes from the klipas.
#  In this generation the klipas receive most of their nourishment from people who are pogem their bris (desecrate the convent).
#  The most common of these transgressions is spilling seed (motze zera lvtalah).
#  Unfortunately this sin is quite common today. If people would realize its consequences many would stop.
#  Due to our low level and many sins this topic is ignored.
#  Just the opposite, shmiras habris is the most important issue to deal with today.
#  If people would be shomer habris (guard the convent) Moshiach would come much faster.

#  Part of the seminal fluid (shichvas zera) comes from the brain, this is sent down the spine.
#  When a person spills seed he is wasting away part of his brain.
#  This lowers all functions of the brain especially memory.
#  Unfortunately most people were pogem since they were young and no longer remember their state of mind before they started.
#  Most people nowadays are controlled by their subconscious. Even conscious acts are strongly tainted by their subconscious.
#  This enslaves a person, strongly limiting his abilities.
#  Again someone who has never been out of the klipas can not associate with this. Through meditation one can feel this.
#  Spilling seed makes this much worse. A persons emotions are thrown totally out of balance.
#  People who are pogem often have a hard time controlling their temper, they are subjects of sadness and depression and lose their self confidence.

#  Wasting seed uses up a lot of of the bodies energy this has many physical manifestations.
#  People who are pogem are always tired and need more sleep.
#  In addition the running of the hormones causes bad body oder and breath.
#  It causes people to bald prematurely and hair growth in strange places.
#  Note it has different effects on different people.
#  Also note any of the things listed above could have been caused by other reasons.

#  There is spiritual energy all over the place.
#  A special part of the brain is designated to receive these signals.
#  However the information entering from the five senses is so strong that it blocks out the spirituality.
#  A person who studies torah keeps halacha and meditates can feel spirituality very strongly.

#  Even a regular person can feel spirituality to some degree. A person should feel a difference on Shabbat.
#  Someone who is pogem habris loses almost all his ability to perceive kedusha.
#  One also loses his desire to study torah and do mitzvos.

#  Just like a person creates children through intercourse so to a person draws down souls every time he spills seed.
#  These souls are immediately captured by the forces of evil who torture and starve them stealing all their energy for themselves.
#  The souls brought down through a persons sins are also considered his kids.
# They are not to happy about the position their father put them in.
#  After a person dies these souls come to take revenge on their father, causing him many problems.
#  In addition they also come after his physical children and try to harm them.
#  There are a number of halochos during the funeral and shivah that help prevent this.

#  Using energy taken from this person, the forces of darkness give birth to Lilim (sexual demons).
#  These demons hang around a person steal his energy, confuse him and stick thoughts in his head.
#  Do not let this amaze you for if one meditates he will see many thoughts streaming through his mind are not his own.
#  These thoughts include sexual thoughts, thoughts denying G-D or just the worthless thoughts that clutter a persons mind most of the day.
#  At night these demons influence the persons dreams, and cause him to have nocturnal emissions (mikreh lilah).

#  If a person knows what he is doing he can climb to high spiritual levels.
# Someone who was pogem habris has damaged the sifirah of Yesod, it is impossible for him to get far unless he rectifies the flaws he created.

#  When a person wants to stop being pogem it is very important for him to start learning the basics of Kabbalah.
#  Someone who understands the way things work will have a much easer time listening to halacha and sacrificing for Judaism.
#  In addition if a person meditates he can easily feel the ups and downs of spiritual life.

#  Advice is given in the holy books…if quitting for life is to much for a person to handle he should look at one day or week at a time.
#  Also if a person can overcome his embarrassment and talk to his rabbi or friend about this subject it will help greatly.

#  Many halochos were created to prevent a person from committing this sin.
#  These are especially relevant to people who have already been pogem.
#  Never touch or look at your bris (sexual organ) be especially careful when going to the bathroom or showering.
#  Do not wear tight clothing especially underwear (wear only boxers).
#  Do not do anything that will warm your body before going to sleep. Eating certain foods and wearing certain clothes can give a person temptations.
#  It is self understood that you should not go near any books, movies, magazines, music, Internet and newspapers. All these are overflowing with zuhamah.
#  If one is smart he will avoid them completely. Do not say “I can continue to watch movies, read books but stop sinning” those who say this are fools.
#  Everyone should analyze their own personal situation and devise a plan to escape destruction. This includes many fences and preventive measures.

Source: TrueKabbalah.org

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Teachings of the Sages 1st Av 5769


Teachings of the Sages – 1st Av, 5769

Two Tzadiks


R’ Pinchas said that reading the Zohar is good for parnassa [livelihood].*

*“Lag BaOmer—Segulas & Minhagim,” by A Talmid at Zchus Avos Yogen Aleinu (C)

By Rebbe Pinchas of Koretz

Source: Two Tzaddiks

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Rabbi Nachman Sayings and Teachings 1st Av 5769


Rabbi Nachman’s – Sayings & Teachings – From The Essential Rabbi Nachman

Azamra org - Torah for Our Time

A treasury of sayings, teachings, parables and stories by the outstanding Chassidic sage, mystic and visionary, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov (1772-1810), whose message of faith, hope, courage, simplicity and joy is essential to each one of us and essential to the whole world.

Translated by Avraham Greenbaum

KNOWING G-D – The seven lamps of the head

To gain spiritual understanding and awareness, you must sanctify the seven “lamps” of your head: your mouth, nostrils, ears and eyes.

Guard your mouth from speaking any falsehood.

Sanctify your nostrils with the fear of Heaven, as it is written: “…he will scent the fear of G-d” (Isaiah 11:3) . The way to sanctify the nostrils is through meekness and humility. You must be patient and not let anger burn inside you, even if people treat you badly.

Use your ears to listen to the words of the Sages: believe in what they say. The way to sanctify your ears is through discretion and loyalty. If people tell you secrets, be sure to keep them and not reveal them to anyone.

Lower your eyes and avert them from evil.

Sanctifying the seven “lamps” of the head can bring you to complete spiritual understanding and awareness. Your heart will then burn with passion for G-d, because the activity of the mind generates heat and fervor in the heart. The more you occupy your mind with thoughts of Torah and devotion, the more your heart will burn for G-d. The deeper your understanding, the greater your fervor will become. This fervor purifies the heart, protecting it from becoming inflamed with evil desires, which merely pollute it. When a person’s heart is pure, he will never be at a loss for words when he speaks to G-d. He will always find new words and new approaches.

One who sanctifies the seven “lamps of the head” can attain awesome levels of perception of G-d. These heights of understanding are a blessing from G-d which is bestowed from above without any preliminaries and introductions. This is the gift of ruach hakodesh : holy spirit.

Likutey Moharan I, 21

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov
“It is a great mitzvah to be happy.”

Hassid bar

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SOURCE:  Aazamra.org - Torah for Our Time

Azamra means “I will sing” (Psalms 146:2)

“And the way to sing the song of joy is by seeking the good in all people, especially in ourselves. Each good point is one more note in the song of life!”

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov


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Avodah Perek Shira 1st Av 5769


Perek Shira – 1st Av, 5769


Perek Shira

Perek Shira: Now The Birds Have Home And We Don’t

When you go to the Kosel HaMaaravi you will see an abundance of birds in and around the area. It wasn’t always so. The roof of the Bais Hamikdash had spikes to prevent birds from sitting on it. Now that the Bais HaMikdash is destroyed a bird, who can lay its eggs anywhere, can even make a nest on the Makom HaMikdash where the Mizbei’ach once stood.

The bird is a reminder of our fate in Galus. Klal Yisroel has only one place to serve Hashem. The Bais HaMikdash, our entrance way to heaven, is no longer accessible to us. Unlike the birds in galus we have no place to call home. (Mahari Ben Yichiye)

“Gam Tzipor Matza Bayis U’Dror Ken La Asher Shasa Efrocheha Es Mizbichsecha Hashem Tzivokos Malki Veiloikoi”; Even the bird has a home and makes its nest on the Mizbei’ach of Hashem.

Hassid bar

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On this day Limud yomi for 1st Av 5769


On this day – Limud yomi for 1st Av, 5769


Courtesy of gicleegallery.us

Limud yomi

Limud yomi

Daf yomi: Bava Metzia 88
Yerushalmi yomi: Shavuot 7
Mishna yomit: Ohalot 9:5
Halacha yomit: Orach Chaim 321:7
Tanach yomi: Mishle Seder 7
Shabbat parshiot: Devarim

From: Kaluach – Hebrew/civil calendars

Free Download: Kaluach3 is the latest version of Kaluach Hebrew/civil calendars, specially designed for 2000/XP/Vista.

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