Todays eMussar Lesson 28th Tammuz, 5769


Todays eMussar Lesson

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Todays eMussar Lesson – With the Help of HaShem – 28th Tammuz, 5769


There was once two friends who had a running debate. Shimon professed that success was proportional to the effort. Meaning, the harder one works, the more he will accomplish. Whereas Reuven held that all success was dependent exclusively on the will of HaShem. No matter how hard one tries, nothing will succeed without the blessing of HaShem.

One day as the two friends were walking through the woods they came upon a tall apple tree. They noticed a luscious red apple that was glistening in the sun at the very top of the tree. Without a moments hesitation Shimon started to scramble up the tree. He climbed towards the top as fast as he could; pushing his way through tangled branches and thick leaves. Finally he reached the top and plucked the apple from the tree.

On his way down he yelled out to Reuven, who was sitting below, “This proves my conviction that success depends on effort. It was the energy that I expended that put the apple in my hand. If had remained still as you I would never have gotten such a prize!”

As he finished speaking he brought the apple close to his mouth to take a bite. Suddenly it slipped from his hand and fell right into Reuven’s lap. He took the apple in his hand, made a blessing, and ate it in great delight – savoring every bite.

We understand from this story that nothing can go against the will of HaShem. Hence, it is not our efforts that lead to our success, but rather the blessing of HaShem. Let us remember to trust HaShem with all of our hearts and then we will be blessed in this world, as well as, The World to Come.

TODAY: Say, “B’ezras Hashem” (with G-d’s help) before everything you do.

By Rabbi Zvi Miller.

Hassid bar

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Daily PiCK ME UPs, 28th Tammuz, 5769


Daily “PiCK-ME-UPs” – 28th Tammuz, 5769

Daily PiCK-ME-UPs the book


Thought Quote

A Source of Light

We need to think of ourselves as a source of light – to focus on the light within us – to have it fill us with a sense of peace and contentment – to have it radiate beyond us, enriching and giving joy to others.

By: Rabbi Avraham Tzvi Schwartz of “Self-Growth.

Hassid bar

Empower yourself, enjoy life!
Not just another book, but a series of lessons to change our lives, turning darkness to light, misery to joy, shame into dignity; giving us a sense of direction, that we may move through our days with enthusiasm and passion, turning each moment into a jewel, a treasure, and a source of great pleasure and enjoyment. Click here for more.

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Please visit Rabbi Avraham Tzvi Schwartz’s blog at: Keep Smiling ~ Self-Wealth

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Daily Wisdom Portion of Kabbalah 28th Tammuz, 5769


Daily Wisdom Portion of Kabbalah – 28th Tammuz, 5769

The Wisdom of Kabbalah

Quotes of prominent Kabbalists

“Even when one does not have the vessels, when one engages in this wisdom, mentioning the names of the Lights and the vessels related to one’s soul, they immediately shine upon us to a certain measure. However, they shine for him without clothing the interior of his soul for lack of the able vessels to receive them. Despite that, the illumination one receives time after time during the engagement draws upon one grace from above, imparting one with abundance of sanctity and purity, which bring one much closer to reaching perfection.”

Rabbi Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) (1884—1954), The Study of the Ten Sefirot


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Today 28th Tammuz, 5769 Little Mitzvos


Today 28th Tammuz, 5769 – “Little Mitzvos

Little Mitzvos Org

You may think, how does one little Mitzvo help . . .

Our times are calling out to us to do Teshuva, but it’s too hard for us to change our lives. Even when we try, we end up reverting back to nothing, everything as was. We MUST show HaShem that we are seeing the signs and that it means something to us.

In this way, when HaShem asks what did we did, we can reply “I took this on…”

You must not consider this “Little Mitzvos” as a replacement for the Shulchan Oruch – you must continue learning Halochos via mainstream Seforim and with Shiurim.


Establish a fixed place/location for davening each day.

Source: Little Mitzvos Org

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Daily Reminder 28th Tammuz, 5769


Daily Reminder – 28th Tammuz, 5769


Zechiras Miriam

Stop Loshon Hora
Stop Loshon Hora

Careful With The Tip Of Your “Yud”

If someone is called up for an Aliya to the Torah and in his Aliya they read one of the many pasukim of Lashon Hara, if even a single letter in the Torah is unclear he would refuse to make a bracha on the torah. The reason is that a Torah missing even the tip of a Yud is Pasul, since it must be complete without error. If so asks the Chofetz Chaim, why when this same person is in midst of a conversation is he willing to ignore the entire passuk, not just the tip of the Yud?

“Zachor Eis Asher Asa Hashem L’Miriam BaDerech B’Tzaischem MiMitzrayim”

The Ramban and other Rishonim count, among the Mitzvos Aseh Min HaTorah, the mitzva of remembering and saying with your mouth each day what Hashem did to Miriam when she spoke about her brother Moshe. The Chofetz Chaim in Shaar Tvunah Perek 12 says that being Mikayem this mitzva can save you from the aveira of Lashon Hara. More than just saying the pasuk, says the Chofetz Chaim, one must think about the incident in order for it to have its intended effect.

Hassid bar

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The Daily Shmiras Ainayim Chizuk 28th Tammuz, 5769


The Daily Shmiras Ainayim Chizuk – 28th Tammuz, 5769



A website for Jews struggling to maintain their moral purity in today’s world

Why is Sexual purity so important in Judaism? Our sages called Shmiras Habris “Yesod”, meaning “Foundation”. The foundation of a building is “underground” and no one sees it, yet it holds up the entire building! Shmiras Habris is the hidden part of a Jew, it’s the real you. If the foundation of a Jew is weak, his whole spiritual structure is fragile and in grave danger of collapse. At we are finally joining together, for ourselves and for all future generations, to strengthen the foundations of our people!

There is a lot of material out there on the subject of guarding the eyes and the Bris, but sometimes “too much” is overwhelming.
A little bit each day is just right, to be able to read, digest and apply it to our lives.

The booklet “Windows to the Soul” by R’ Zvi Miller of the Salant foundation, is a MAN’S PRACTICAL GUIDE TO MASTERING HIS EYES. (Right click the link and choose “Save Target/Link As” to save the PDF booklet to your computer). To subscribe to eMussar, the daily lessons of the Salant Foundation, send email to

The Zohar compares this world to a churning ocean and the body of a man to a ship in the sea. Therefore, man requires knowledge in order to guide himself on a straight course, avoiding mishap and losing his way. The ocean of life roars fearfully and continuously. The winds of challenge blow and the negative impulse rips about like a tornado with unimaginable force. All of life comprises great and endless tests, which can easily capsize the ship and sink it into the murky, nethermost depths.

Yirat Shamayim and the study of Mussar will prevent the body from sinking into the miry depths of desire and corrupt character traits.
(Rabbi Yitzchak Blazer, Ohr Yisrael)

Today’s Shmiras Ainayim Chizuk


Guidelines for Entering Immodest Areas

Applying the prohibition “Not to go to places where there are immodestly dressed women.”

“In today’s world, this law seems impossible to keep. There are immodestly dressed women almost everywhere”.

The wisdom of the Torah is eternal. The People of Israel have lived by the laws of the Torah for thousands of years. Wherever we have settled during our long exile – from Babylon to Burbank – we have observed the laws of the Torah. They emanate from HaShem’s Eternal Light and their practice is eternal and universal.

Yes, avoiding areas where women are immodestly dressed is a great challenge. However, the Halachah gives us a path to proceed. Firstly, if there is an alternative route, it is forbidden to take the path that leads past immodestly dressed women.

Yet, if there is no other reasonable alternative route, then you are permitted to walk in this area. However, you must observe the following guidelines:

1.   Lower your gaze or partially close your eyes when you pass immodestly dressed women. (Bava Batra 57b, see the Rashbam)
2.   Ensure that they will not be in your view for an extended period of time.
3.   If a man knows that he cannot avoid looking at the immodestly dressed women, then he may not go into that area.

If you inadvertently see an immodestly dressed woman, you are not responsible as long as you didn’t intentionally look at her.

In an area of inappropriate sights, use strategies to keep your mind focused. For instance, as you enter the area, listen to a shiur on a portable device or call someone on your cell-phone. In addition, be prepared to turn your eyes away or close them as needed.

A person who looks downward or shuts his eyes when he walks through an immodest area is called “a saintly man,” in keeping with the verse (Ishaiah 33:15-16) “One who shuts his eyes from a bad image will dwell in the heights.”

TODAY: If you must be in an area of immodestly dressed women keep your eyes lowered and distract yourself with something worthwhile.

Practical Application

Steve has a meeting on Lexington Ave. The shortest way to get there would take him down a street that has many challenging images. In order to avoid these images he takes a few extra minutes and walks around the corner to the next street. With a small effort on his part, Steve protects his eyes, and arrives for his meeting right on time.

Hassid bar

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List 1.The GuardUrEyes Chizuk List – Breaking Free.
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List 2.General Chizuk in Shmiras Ainayim
This list will focus less on the “addiction” aspect and more on general Chizuk in Shmiras Ainayim that anyone can use, addicted or not. This list is less intense and explicit than the first, and is appropriate for everyone.

Please note: We strongly advise anyone who struggles with masturbation or pornography, even if infrequently, to join the first list as well.

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The tools on GuardUrEyes network include:

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       An active and thriving forum – a powerful feature of group support

       The “Jewish Healing Group“, an anonymous 12-Step group that meets on the phone once a week

       A live hotline, for people to get advice and started on their journey to recovery

       Sign up for a Partner / Sponsor. Download the Questionnaire

       Many stories of recovery, struggles and suffering

       An elaborate FAQ page

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       Important links

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       A "Kosher Isle" to help people find entertaining and more productive things to do with their time

       Download here a powerful PDF file, translated from a Hebrew book called "The First Day of the Rest of My Life", to help people break free of sexual addictions

       A Rehab Option in Florida

       Many Therapy Options

       An inspiring Music Page, to chase away the impurity and inspire thoughts of Teshuvah

       A "Wall of Honor" page, to keep track of your sobriety and get group support

How Can You Help?

Source: GuardUrEyes

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Daily Writings on Kabbalah and Torah 28th Tammuz, 5769


Daily Writings on Kabbalah and Torah – 28th Tammuz, 5769

True Kabbalah org

Everyone has different abilities depending on the tribe they represent. Let us all unify and work together in the battle against the Sitra Acher.


Had the Jews finished the song of vengeance Rome would have been destroyed

The day the temple was destroyed was the first day of the week
Due to the confusion the leviem started singing the fourth song, “Lord of vengeance is G-D, lord of vengeance appear”
There was hand to hand battle only feet away from them. The leviem had to meditate, block out all their senses and concentrate only on the song.
When the leviem would sing shira they would bind the various names of G-D that can be permuted from the words.
Had the leviem been able to finish, and reach the words, “Yatsmisam” binding the names of the Angels together, a mighty spirit of vengeance, Midas Hadin, would have come down.
The Romans would have never have been able to conquer the temple. They would have easily been defeated by the Jewish warriors.
The roman leaders knew the power of the Jews was dependent on the service. They therefore made it their priority to stop the shira.
The temple was the last battle, the Jewish resistance put all their remaining energy to protect it.
Due to our many sins we couldn’t hold them off. The Romans stopped the leviem on the second to last sentence. Meaning, the reason why they confused the song was to give them a chance, had the people repented they would have completed it.

“May G-D avenge the blood of his nation”


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