This week’s recommended reading: 16th – 22nd Iyar, 5769


Torah Reading for the Week of Iyar 16th – 22nd, 5769

Bechukotai (Leviticus 26:3-27:34) Walk This Way – by Rabbi Max Weimman

Advanced Parsha – Bechukotai (Leviticus 26:3-27:34) Good Deeds and Good People – by Rabbi Noson Weisz – Aish Jerusalem

From our Sages on the Parshah – Parshah In DepthParshah: Behar-Bechukotai Verses: Leviticus 25:1-27:34

Rebbe Nachman’s WisdomThe Conformist, By Rabbi Erez Moshe Doron

Chassidic PearlsAbove Nature’s Limitations – Behar – By: Rabbi Lazer Brody

Stories for the Shabbos TableSincere Prayer – Behar Bechukotai – By The Baal Shem Tov

The editorial page of Breslev Israel’s English websiteSoothing the National Pain By Rabbi Lazer Brody

The Breslov Research Institute’s Dvar Torah – Based on Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom ##80–81 – Dvar Torah for Parshat Behar-Bechuqotai

A Mashal Parshas Behar: Dubno Magid – Do Thousands Of Pennies Make Us Rich? – By The Dubno Magid

Shabbos MinhagimWhat Kind Of Kos Do You Use For Kiddush? – By Our Sages

Peninim on the TorahPARSHAS BEHAR By Rabbi A. Leib Scheinbaum

Chasidic Insights on the Weekly ParshaCHASIDIC INSIGHTS PARSHAS B’HAR 5769 (from 5763) BS”D By Zvi Akiva Fleisher

What’s Bothering Rashi?Parshios Behar/Bechukosi(69) By Dr. Avigdor Bonchek



Daily “PiCK-ME-UPs” – 20th Iyar, 5769


PiCK-ME-UPs the book


A premeditated action is more powerful than an impulsive action. We need to stop, think, and then do. Thus, we add success to our lives!

By: Rabbi Avraham Tzvi Schwartz of “Self-Growth.

Empower yourself, enjoy life!
Not just another book, but a series of lessons to change our lives, turning darkness to light, misery to joy, shame into dignity; giving us a sense of direction, that we may move through our days with enthusiasm and passion, turning each moment into a jewel, a treasure, and a source of great pleasure and enjoyment. Click here for more.

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Today 20th Iyar, 5769 – “Little Mitzvos”


Little Mitzvos Org

You may think, how does one little Mitzvo help . . .

Our times are calling out to us to do Teshuva, but it’s too hard for us to change our lives. Even when we try, we end up reverting back to nothing, everything as was. We MUST show HaShem that we are seeing the signs and that it means something to us.

In this way, when HaShem asks what did we did, we can reply “I took this on…”

You must not consider this “Little Mitzvos” as a replacement for the Shulchan Oruch – you must continue learning Halochos via mainstream Seforim and with Shiurim.


Thank family before going to sleep for something they’ve done during the day.

Source: Little Mitzvos Org

Daily Reminder – 20th Iyar, 5769



Rav Yechezkel Abramsky Loses His Enthusiasm

A boy that was very close to Rav Yechezkel Abramsky left one Yeshiva to go to another. After a period of time he had the occasion to go visit Rav Yechezkel again. He was delighted that when he came in, Rav Yechezkel’s face was glowing with delight to see him. Rav Yechezkel asked him, “Nu, so how do you like the new Yeshiva?” He started to say that he likes the new Yeshiva much better than the old one. Suddenly Rav Yechezkel’s face lost its color and his enthusiasm disappeared as he quickly changed the topic.

“From this story,” said the boy, “I learned the seriousness of Lashon Hara and the degree of sensitivity required to sniff out even the slightest trace of it.” (B’Yad HaLashon pg. 154)

“Zachor Eis Asher Asa Hashem L’Miriam BaDerech B’Tzaischem MiMitzrayim”

The Ramban and other Rishonim count, among the Mitzvos Aseh Min HaTorah, the mitzva of remembering and saying with your mouth each day what Hashem did to Miriam when she spoke about her brother Moshe. The Chofetz Chaim in Shaar Tvunah Perek 12 says that being Mikayem this mitzva can save you from the aveira of Lashon Hara. More than just saying the pasuk, says the Chofetz Chaim, one must think about the incident in order for it to have its intended effect.

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Teachings of the Sages – 20th Iyar, 5769


Two Tzaddiks


R’ Pinchas said: “The truth of the Torah is said to be very deep; hence the haughty man, who holds his head high, is very far from it”.*

*Nofeth Tzufim, pp. 3-24 (A), cited in The Hasidic Anthology: Tales and Teachings of the Hasidim, by Louis I. Newman, p. 506. Reprinted with permission of Ann Newman (B)

By Rebbe Pinchas of Koretz

Source: Two Tzaddiks

Rabbi Nachman’s – Sayings & Teachings – 20th Iyar, 5769 - Torah for Our Time


A little is also good.

Avaneha Barzel

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov
“It is a great mitzvah to be happy.”

Source: Azamra Org

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Omer Count for Thursday Night, May 14th – 21st Iyar, 5769


Omer Count for Thursday Night, May 14th -21st Iyar, 5769

*The Omer is counted every evening after nightfall, from the second night of Passover till the night before Shavuot.

Tonight, Thursday evening, May 14th, count 36 Days in the Omer, which is five weeks and one day of the Omer.

Day 36 – Chesed of Yesod: Lovingkindness of Bonding, click here to read excerpt.

Exercise for the day: Demonstrate the bond you have with your child or friend through an act of love.

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