Daily “PiCK-ME-UPs” – 9th Sivan, 5769


Daily “PiCK-ME-UPs” – 9th Sivan, 5769

Daily PiCK-ME-UPs the book

What we want

We need to want what is good, what is beautiful, what is magnificent. For it is what we want, what we really want, that we receive.

By: Rabbi Avraham Tzvi Schwartz of “Self-Growth.

Empower yourself, enjoy life!
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Daily Kabbalah Portion – 9th Sivan, 5769


Daily Kabbalah Portion – 9th Sivan, 5769

The Wisdom of Kabbalah

Exile and Redemption – Congruity and Unity between Torah and Blind Faith and the Development of Human Calculation

Hence, I hereby propose to the House of Israel to say to our troubles, “enough!” And at the very least, calculate a human calculation, regarding these adventures that have come upon us time and time again, and here in our country as well, where we want to start our country anew. We have no hope of clutching at the ground as a nation; as long as we do not accept our holy Torah without any extenuations, to the last condition of the work Lishma, and not for oneself, with any residue of selfishness as I have proven in the article “The Revelation of G-dliness” (Matan Torah).

If we do not establish ourselves accordingly, then there are classes among us, and we will undoubtedly be pushed right and left as all nations are, and much more, because it is the nature of the developed that they cannot be restrained, for he who has a developed mind his mind is important, and will not bow before anything and knows no compromise. That is why our sages said Israel is the fiercest of the nations, because he whose mind is broader is most obstinate.

It is a psychological law. If you don’t understand me go and study this law among the contemporary members of the nation, and when we started to build, time was already showing us our fierceness and assertiveness of mind, and that which one builds the other ruins.

…It is known to all, but there is only one novelty in my words, and that is that they think that the other side will eventually understand the danger and will bow his head and accept their opinion. But I know that even if we tie them together in one basket, one will not surrender to the other as full note, and no danger will interrupt anyone from carrying out his ambition.

In one sentence: As long as we do not raise our goal above the corporeal life, we will have no corporeal revival, because the spiritual and the corporeal in us cannot live in one basket, for we are the children of the idea. Even if we are immersed in 49 gates of materialism, still we will not give up the idea. Hence, it is the holy purpose of His name that we need.

By Rabbi Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag – Baal HaSulam, Exile and Redemption

Source: kabbalah.info

Today 9th Sivan, 5769 – “Little Mitzvos”


Today 9th Sivan, 5769 – “Little Mitzvos”

Little Mitzvos Org

You may think, how does one little Mitzvo help . . .

Our times are calling out to us to do Teshuva, but it’s too hard for us to change our lives. Even when we try, we end up reverting back to nothing, everything as was. We MUST show HaShem that we are seeing the signs and that it means something to us.

In this way, when HaShem asks what did we did, we can reply “I took this on…”

You must not consider this “Little Mitzvos” as a replacement for the Shulchan Oruch – you must continue learning Halochos via mainstream Seforim and with Shiurim.

Kedushas Shabbos

Cover an extra surface with tablecloth.

Source: Little Mitzvos Org

Teachings of the Sages – 9th Sivan, 5769


Teachings of the Sages – 9th Sivan, 5769

Two Tzadiks


R’ Pinchas said: “The divine is most present when I myself am most absent”.*

*Freedomlaw, by R.J. Tavel (C)

By Rebbe Pinchas of Koretz

Source: Two Tzaddiks

Rabbi Nachman’s – Sayings & Teachings – 9th Sivan, 5769


Rabbi Nachman’s – Sayings & Teachings

Azamra org - Torah for Our Time

THE PURPOSE OF LIFE – Each mitzvah creates a lamp

Each mitzvah that a person does in this world creates a lamp with which he can explore the treasure house of the King after he dies. This is the ultimate bliss of the life to come.

Likutey Moharan I, 275

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov
“It is a great mitzvah to be happy.”

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SOURCE:  Aazamra.org - Torah for Our Time

Azamra means “I will sing” (Psalms 146:2)

“And the way to sing the song of joy is by seeking the good in all people, especially in ourselves. Each good point is one more note in the song of life!”

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

On this day – Limud yomi – 9th Sivan, 5769


On this day – Limud yomi – 9th Sivan, 5769


Limud yomi

Limud yomi

Daf yomi: Bava Metzia 37; Yerushalmi yomi: Bava Metzia 27; Mishna yomit: Keilim 25:6; Halacha yomit: Orach Chaim 308:49; Tanach yomi: 12 Prophets Seder 3

From: Kaluach – Hebrew/civil calendars

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Daily Teachings of the Baal Shem Tov – 9th Sivan, 5769


Daily Teachings of the Baal Shem Tov – 9th Sivan, 5769

Baal Shem Tov Foundation

The Maggid of Mezeritch once remarked, “If only I could kiss the Sefer Torah with the same love that the Baal Shem Tov used to show a little child who had started reciting his alef-beis!”.

(Sippurei Chasidim Shir HaShirim)

Source: The Baal Shem Tov Foundation