Daily Kabbalah Dose – 9th Nissan, 5769

Daily Kabbalah Dose – 9th Nissan, 5769

You Look Just Fine

By Yehuda Berg

We think looking in the mirror means we love ourselves. But in a way, it means we don’t because otherwise we wouldn’t need to keep checking to make sure we look OK.

Accept yourself today. You are more than enough. Know that. And know that any challenge or obstacle you face will never be more than you can handle.

DAILY MITZVAH (Maimonides): 9th Nissan, 5769

DAILY MITZVAH (Maimonides): 9th Nissan, 5769

By Malka Touger

Today’s Mitzvah – Negative Commandment 219

It is forbidden to prevent an animal from eating the produce while it is working

Deuteronomy 25:4 “You shall not muzzle the ox when it is treading the corn

Goldie was helping her mother make chocolate rum balls. She loved shaping the gooey mixture and rolling it in flaky coconut.

After she set each ball in a paper candy-cup, she scooped up some more of the sweet chocolate mix.

When one tray was filled, Goldie hesitantly asked her mother, “Couldn’t I have just a tiny bit?” “Goldie, remember what we agreed? No tasting! You just went to the dentist yesterday and you have too many cavities already!

We decided that you can have a certain amount of candy a week and you have already had your share this week. These rum balls are for the company that is coming tomorrow, but I’ll freeze some for you so you can eat them next week.”

“I know, Mommy,” Goldie sighed. “You’re right. But it’s so hard to make these balls and not taste any. They look delicious!”

“Oh, Goldie!” laughed her mother, “you can have one. You just reminded me of one of the Mitzvot in the Torah.

A person is not allowed to place a muzzle on an ox while it is working for its master treading grain!

The ox builds up an appetite for the grain while he is busy with it.

The Torah teaches that it would be unfair to prevent him from having some.”

This Negative Mitzvah prohibits us from muzzling any animal while it is working in the fields in order to prevent it from eating some of the produce.

Today’s Mitzvah – Positive Commandment 244

A Borrower

Exodus 22:13 “And if a man borrows something from his neighbor…

It is kind and considerate to lend something to your friend or anybody else who requests it. However, the borrower must accept the responsibility to return the article in the same condition as it was when he received it.

This Positive Mitzvah deals with the case of a borrowed article and details the laws that apply if harm befalls it.

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