Daily Torah Quote – 1st Nissan, 5769

Rabbi Tzaddok would say: Do not separate yourself from the community. Do not act as a counselor-at-law (when serving as a judge). Do not make the Torah a crown to magnify yourself with, or a spade with which to dig. So would Hillel say: one who make personal use of the crown of Torah shall perish. Hence, one who benefits himself from the words of Torah, removes his life from the world.

Avot 4

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Daily Kabbalah Dose – 29th Adar, 5769

Complete Your Ideas

Good ideas are a dime a dozen. What counts is completion.

Look at your life and all the half finished projects sitting on your shelf. Commit to taking on one of these ideas and finishing what you started.

DAILY MITZVAH (Maimonides) – 29th Adar, 5769

Today’s Mitzvah – Positive Commandment 245
Conducting Business

Important Message Regarding This Lesson

The Daily Mitzvah schedule runs parallel to the daily study of 3 chapters of Maimonides’ 14-volume code. There are instances when the Mitzvah is repeated a few days consecutively while the exploration of the same Mitzvah continues in the in-depth track.

Leviticus 25:14 “And if you sell something to your neighbor, or buy something from your neighbor”

The Torah deals with every aspect of our lives; not only with the way we pray and study, but also the manner in which we carry out our business.

This Positive Mitzvah establishes guidelines for our business dealings and governs the way we buy, sell, and transfer ownership of property.

These guidelines include writing business contracts, paying for goods with money, or exchanging one item for another.

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