Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

“If you believe that you can damage, then believe that you can fix….. If you believe that you can harm, then believe that you can heal………..”

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov


Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

“And the way to sing the song of joy is by seeking the good in all people, especially in ourselves. Each good point is one more note in the song of life!”

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

Daily Torah Quote – 26th Adar, 5769

Rabbi Ishmael the son of Rabbi Yossei would say: One who learns Torah in order to teach, is given the opportunity to learn and teach. One who learns in order to do, is given the opportunity to learn, teach, observe and do

Avot 4

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Daily Kabbalah – 25th Adar, 5769

Joy is Critical

Joy and happiness is critical this month because it creates joy for the entire year. Constant change connects you to happiness.

Today, find something in yourself that you want to change. Put that at the top of your list and make it part of your focus this week.

Daily Torah Quote – 25th Adar, 5769

Even if you find it totally impossible to pray you should still force yourself to say the words with absolute simplicity — as if you were a little child at school. You should say the words just like this, without any sophistication. Say a few words and simply try and listen to what you are saying and pay attention to the words. You should concentrate your thoughts intently so that you are not distracted by anything outside. All your thoughts should be concentrated on the words of the prayer. You should go through the prayers in order until in the end you will most likely be inspired and you will be able to pray with great passion and yearning

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

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